Whole House Water Filter System 10

3 Stages Whole House Water Filter System 10" x 4.5" + Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer

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·Water Filter System (  1" Brass Port Housing ) GAUGE*3
·5 Micron Washable Sediment Filter x 1
·Grooved Sediment Filter x 1
·0.5 Micron Coconut Carbon Block Filter x 1
·UV Stainless Sterilizer
·Transformer (Australian Plug)

Cartridges Life:

·5 Micron Washable Sediment Filter: Up to 12 months
·Grooved Sediment Filter: Up to 12 months
·0.5 Micron Coconut Carbon Block Filter: Up to 12 months
·UV Lamp: Up to 8000 Hours

Operating Parameters:

Inlet Pressure:  30~90Psi
Temperature: 4~40°C

All the water flow (LPM) marked for reference only, actual flow depend on pressure supplied, size of piping and design of water circuit. Go for larger capacity to avoid insufficient water supply.

Shield whole house water filter efficiently remove mud, sand, rust, chlorine, pesticide and most harmful chemicals to ensure safety water for shower and drinking. Protects hot water heater and washing machine from dirt and particles, improving energy rating for water related electrical equipment. (check performance section for detailed filter performance)

UV Sterilizer 

This system is designed for both mains and rainwater supply to kill 99.99% of bacteria in untreated water supplies.  UV technology has been trusted as a safe, cost-effective way to purify water and eliminate harmful microorganisms. It is a proven endorsed technology that is currently being used by thousands of cities, bottled water manufacturers and homeowners around the world. UV does not change the taste, odor or color of the water. More effective than chlorine: Unlike chlorine, UV systems are effective against both Cryptosporidium and Giardia. UV systems are capable of treating a single faucet or an entire home in a minimal amount of space with the only maintenance being an annual lamp and filter replacements. If you are on tank water this is a perfect cost effective quality combo that will offer complete protection against Bacteria Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

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