About us

SHIELD® is full Australian owned and registered trade mark solely develop in filtration industry.

Formerly known as shield filters, established in 2010 by co-founder, The Company began as a supplier of high quality sintered carbon block filters. Advanced technology maximally maintained the pore structure and exposure of the activated carbon to make full contact of the water and activated carbon.

During 2012, it turned its attention solely to filtration and developed full range of residential and commercial filtration products. In 2014, trade mark officially registered and company launched a full line of products under the SHIELD® brand name.

At SHIELD® , we strive to offer the highest quality products in water filtration solutions. We guaranteed 400psi pressure tested housing and 304 stainless steel tap as standard for entry level undersink system, also share same quick connect and double o-ring fitting as premium level, no tool required for installation. 99.99% chlorine remove to all of our carbon block filters. Heavy duty system always have metal threaded port for life-time serving.

SHIELD® designs the most desirable filter systems. Award winning compact RO system is one of a kind to serve customers have tight space undersink. Easy handy caravan filters make customers possible to use unsafe source of water during their journey. All commercial RO integrated tubing to same spot for easy setup, LED display straight forward showing all the information on this machine. Newly designed premium commercial RO fits everything into a metal cube, makes your work place looks satisfactory.