Water Filter Replacement Cartridges Ceramic Carbon 10

Water Filter Replacement Cartridges Ceramic Carbon 10"

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Sediment Filter :
0.1 Micron Ceramic x 1

Coconut Carbon Block Filter :
0.5 Micron Nano Silver 80-325 x 2

Cartridges Life:

Sediment Filter: Up to 6 Months
Ceramic Sediment Filter: Up to 12 Months
Carbon Block Filter: Up to 6 Months or

1 Micron: 8,000 L
0.5 Micron: 15,000 L
0.5 Micron Nano Silver: 30,000 L
0.5 Micron 80-325: 80,000 L

Operating Parameters:

Inlet Pressure:  20~120Psi
Temperature: 4~40°C


0.1 Micron Ceramic Filter  

Built to fit into housings sized 10 x 2.5 inches, ceramic water filter significantly reduces bacteria, turbidity, foul taste, odor, and more from your drinking water. This filter will perform and keep your water at peak quality levels up to more than 2 years. Recommend to clean every six month or shorten the period based on your existing water quality and usage. May be cleaned and reused throughout its lifespan. The core tech behind this ceramic filter is unique material, Diatoms. These creatures are a type of single-cell seaweed that exists in the sea 150 million years ago. They has become a natural fossil after tens of millions of years and settled at bottom of the ocean. Key feature of Diatoms was the tiny, complex ceramic pore structure. The pores are less than one micron in size. Ceramic filter different from polypropylene filters in nature, did not contain any bio or chemical substances, extremely high temperature process, no harmful elements involved whatsoever. Ceramic filter provides an effective barrier against waterborne, potentially harmful, contaminants whilst retaining essential minerals to make your drink a healthy one. Even the taste and odour of your water will appear naturally superior.

0.5 Micron Nano Silver Antibacterial Coconut Carbon Block Filter  80-325

80-325 coconut carbon block filters newly released to make every single filter jealous. The attention to detail of this filter is phenomenon. SHIELD carbon block always produced with a code ‘80200’(excluding nano silver carbon), share same measurements of outer dia 63mm, inner dia 40mm and thickness of 11.5mm. New 80325 measured outer dia 66mm, inner dia 30mm and thickness of 18mm. This production code only use highest range of Haycarb carbon with 80-325 mesh. Added 20% nano silver carbon to prevent breeding of germs. But it’s not just a ‘bigger’ version of his brother. To know this filter better, we need to look into filter to find out more. The effectiveness of the carbon largely depend on the Internal Surface Area. We’re not talking about the whole carbon, the huge difference for individual carbon was the area inside carbon material. It’s impressive that surface of a teaspoon activated carbon easily equates the surface area of a soccer field. Vast surface area is created while activation process. What makes this filter different is the carbon used chemical activation with a secondary steam activation to maximize the internal area of the carbon. This results 60% more surface area of same weight activated carbon compare to SHIELD other range filters. The costly activation process provides another key benefit to carbon filters, now we come to the Diverse Pore Volume. Refers to all pore spaces inside a particle of activated carbon. If the sizes of the molecules to be adsorbed are not a good match to the pore size, some of the pore volume will not be utilized. That’s what happened to some of the high end filters only has one of the activation process. Activation process creates similar size of pore, the result is filter only focus of remove certain substances. For example, we need larger pore volume to remove color but smaller pore volume to remove odor, what happened is filters with single activation process only remove color but not odor or vice versa. 80325 diverse pore volume to remove larger range of substance and creates highest effectiveness. SHIELD been working with top manufacturer for years to released this 80325. From activation process to distribution of pore, from contact surface area to antibacterial technology, we take care of everything to work out the best out of the best.


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