SHIELD 20 by 4.5 Nano Silver antibacterial Washable Sediment Filter

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  • Food Grade Silicon Seal - It has a positive ‘silicon washer’ unlike ‘flat top’ filters, offering premium seal performance
  • Antibacterial Polyester - High-End Anti-germs polyester adopted to prevent breeding of germs. They are popular for use on tank water for particulate filtration, effectively inhibit bacterial growth, ensure bacteria control for its longer service life. Typically goes with SHIELD ultraviolet system for bacteria free and safe water
  • Nets to Protect Polyester - Unique design of nets to protect polyester, keep leaves and rocks or sharp objects away from polyester sheets. Easy to clean up
  • Folding Counts – These cartridges have 120 folding counts compare to others on the market 50-70 counts at most. Offering 2 time the capacity of removing dirt and particles
  • Contaminant Capacity - Traps 15 times sediment depth filters, 8 times string wound filters, 2 times other pleated sediment filters.
  • Easy to Clean - Simply clean filter when flow starts to slow or filtration starts to drop. Easy to clean by simply using a garden hose and spraying off dirt.


Filter Media : Antibacterial Polyester

Temperature : 4°C-52°C

Dimensions : 4-1/2" O.D. x 20"

Center tubes : Polypropylene

End Caps : Food Grade Silicon Washers

Nominal Micron Rating : 5 Micron

Item No: 611419903884

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D Mackay
Best sediment filter we’ve ever tried

We run a whole house filtration system, and have tried a few didn’t sediment filters over the past few years. This is the best one we’ve used so far. And it’s easy to wash out when the water pressure lowers. I recommend having two so that you can replace & then wash out the dirty one & cycle them out.