Caravan Water Filter System Camp Van HEAVY DUTY Brass Fitting Camping Camper VAN

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·Water Filter System (1/2" Port)
·5 Micron Sediment Filter x 1
·0.5 Micron Coconut Carbon Block Filter x 1 
·Brass 12mm Hose Clasp Fittings x 2

Cartridges Life:

·5 Micron Sediment Filter : Up to 6 months
·0.5 Micron Coconut Carbon Block Filter : Up to 6 months

Operating Parameters:

Inlet Pressure:  20~120Psi
Temperature: 4~40°C

Caravan and travel filters range from single to triple systems and from standard to slimline units. The unit required depends upon such factors as whether the filter is to be installed in the van or used externally. 10” by 2.5” system Usually duo or trio 10” by 2.5” systems are generally better as they have a cheaper, disposable sediment filter to protect the more expensive carbon filter. They were ultimate solution to safe purified water. Equipped with brass fitting to avoid any worn out is always the key for the filter system to last long journey.

Top Quality Cartridges 

SHIELD carbon block filters made by sintering high purity HAYCARB powdered activated carbon and German made Celanese UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene). Filters offer 10 times the adsorption capacity than others, 99.99% chlorine removal, top quality in the world.

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