PFAS PFOA PFOS Removal Hydrotech 4 Stages Undersink RO Water Filter System USA Made Filmtec Membrane WaterMark certified

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4 Stages Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


- USA MADE RO Membrane (BEST QUALITY in the world)
- Hydrotech Long Life Pleated Sediment Pre Filter (BEST QUALITY)
- Australian Standard WaterMark Tested and Certified
- Double O-Ring Heavy Duty Filter Housing

4 Stages Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System   (L36 D14 H36cm)
5 micron Hydrotech long life pleated sediment filter
1 micron Hydrotech carbon block filter
75GPD Filmtec Reverse Osmosis Membrane (Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions)
Hydrotech inline post carbon filter

Pressure Tank 3.2G 12L (Total Volume)  (D23 H35cm)
Lead Free Tap

Inlet Tee Valve
Pressure Limited Valve
Tank Valve
Tubing (1/4inch 5 meter)
Drain Saddle (For 40-50mm Tubing)

Operating Parameters:
Pressure: 340kpa-500kpa
Temperature: 4-38°C

Contaminant Removal
Sediment, Rust ,Dirt, Chlorine, VOC,Bacterial,Virus, HeavyMetal,Arsenic,Lead,Mercury,Fluoride,etc

About Filmtec

FilmTec Corporation was a US company established in Minnesota in 1977 that specialized in manufacturing the then new thin-film composite membranes used in water treatment applications.In August 1984, the company was acquired by Dow Chemical Company forming its Dow Water & Process Solutions business unit. In August 2017, FilmTec Corporation moved to DowDuPont, the company resulting from the merger of Dow and DuPont. On 2019, after the spin-offs of Dow and Corteva, FilmTec remained now part of DuPont Water Solutions, which is currently among the world's main membrane manufacturers.

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