PLATINUM Twin Undersink Water Filter System USA MADE Cartridges SUS304 Tap - Shield Water Filter

PLATINUM Twin Undersink Water Filter System USA MADE Cartridges SUS304 Tap

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·2 stages Water Filter System (stainless steel bracket)
·0.35um HarmSCO Pleated Filter x 1
·0.45um CB-TECH Carbon Block Filter x 1
·SUS304 Stainless Steel Water Tap
·AU Standard Pressure Reduce Valve
·Accessorises(Connector, Ball valve,etc)
·Chlorine Tester

Cartridges Life:

·0.35 Micron Pleated Filter: Up to 1 Year (Washable)
·0.45 Micron Carbon Block Filter: Up to 12 Months 

Operating Parameters:

Inlet Pressure:  20~120Psi
Temperature: 4~40°C

Harmsco Pleated Sediment Filter 

Established in 1958, Harmsco Filtration Products has manufactured innovative and cost-effective solutions for liquid filtration challenges. With 3 divisions and a global footprint our Made In America, Family Owned Business provides energy savings, proven products, and enduring value. As a pioneer in the filtration industry, Harmsco holds numerous U.S. Patents for innovative filtration technologies while maintaining our focus and commitment on quality and value for the end user.


CB-TECH    BEST Quality Carbon Block Filter In The World

Since 1970, CB Tech has been guided by brothers and founders, H. Allen Rice and Alvin E. Rice, to provide cleaner, more healthful drinking water to the public. In 1975, they developed their signature technology, the solid carbon block filter; since then, the company has further grown and flourished, manufacturing and selling filters and drinking water systemsfor residential and commercial use around the world.


Double O-Ring Heavy Duty Housing   

Shield water filter housing featured double rubber ring design and safe lock at fully tighten condition. Shield water filter housing surpasses the standard of 100,000 pressure cycles from 0-145 psi and hydrostatic pressure test of 300 psi. Burst pressure up to 540 psi, this result close to stainless steel material and capable of high intensity commercial use, beautifully crafted with textured material.


What is SUS304 Tap?   

Most kitchen tap made by brass, finishing with chrome to prevent corrosive of the material.  Due to the greasy dirt and oil contamination in kitchen, brass tap always not a optimized option. Extra care required when cleaning the chrome finishing to keep it undamaged.  Brass tap contains 1%-5% LEAD. Material turn to green corrosive gradually and releasing LEAD to drinking water, this situation has high risk exposure to mental and physical illness, especially for kids.  Scientific research revealed LEAD pollution may also affect reproductive ability, liver function and psyclogical system. Stainless steel tap is LEAD FREE, non corrosive, odorless and anti-polluted, getting rid of all second pollution risk and offer best safety criteria. It is important to choose safe drinking filters, tap is always the last line of filtration, extra caution should be considered while choosing taps.  SHIELD stainless steel tap made by high quality SUS 304, LEAD free and non corrosive to ensure your safe drinking.   In SHIELD water filter store, we guarantee your purchase worth every penny. That's one SMALL step for money, one GIANT leap for quality.

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