PLATINUM Twin Undersink Water Filter System Remove Fluoride Lead SUS304 Tap

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·2 stages Water Filter System (stainless steel bracket)
·0.1um Ceramic Filter x 1
·0.5um Carbon Block Filter x 2
·SUS304 Stainless Steel Water Tap
·AU Standard Pressure Reduce Valve
·Accessorises(Connector, Ball valve,etc)
Cartridges Life:

·0.1 Micron Ceramic Filter: Up to 1 Year (Washable)
·0.5 Micron  Carbon Block Filter: Up to 6 Months   Chlorine: 80,000L    Lead: 5,000L  Fluoride: 5,000L

Operating Parameters:

Inlet Pressure:  20~120Psi
Temperature: 4~40°C

0.1 Micron Ceramic Filter 

Built to fit into housings sized 10 x 2.5 inches, ceramic water filter significantly reduces bacteria, turbidity, foul taste, odor, and more from your drinking water. This filter will perform and keep your water at peak quality levels up to more than 2 years. Recommend to clean every six month or shorten the period based on your existing water quality and usage. May be cleaned and reused throughout its lifespan. The core tech behind this ceramic filter is unique material, Diatoms. These creatures are a type of single-cell seaweed that exists in the sea 150 million years ago. They has become a natural fossil after tens of millions of years and settled at bottom of the ocean. Key feature of Diatoms was the tiny, complex ceramic pore structure. The pores are less than one micron in size. Ceramic filter different from polypropylene filters in nature, did not contain any bio or chemical substances, extremely high temperature process, no harmful elements involved whatsoever. Ceramic filter provides an effective barrier against waterborne, potentially harmful, contaminants whilst retaining essential minerals to make your drink a healthy one. Even the taste and odour of your water will appear naturally superior.

0.5 Micron Lead Fluoride Heavy Metal Remove Coconut Carbon Block Filter  80325MF

The widespread application in agriculture, medicine, and other industries has led to the widespread distribution of heavy metals in the environment. Heavy metals can enter water supplies through metal corrosion, by way of industrial waste and even acidic rains.

Based on SHIELD 80-325 coconut carbon block filters, newly released 80325MF offered an efficient way to remove Lead Fluorine Heavy Metal for your drinking water.

80325MF(MF for short) added special media to remove more than 98% lead or other heavy metals in your drinking water. The media presented as tiny white dot on surface of carbon block filters. To maximize the performance, the distribution and percentage of media is the key. MF measured outer dia 66mm, inner dia 30mm and thickness of 18mm, offered largest carbon capacity which a 10” filter possibly can. The highest grade carbon powder with 325 meshes was the fundamental of evenly distribution of media.

This media remove fluoride as well, it won't remove a high percentage of fluoride from your water. MF removes 90% of the fluoride. It’s the best fluoride remove result for a carbon filter you can possibly find. For higher remove percentage of fluoride, you may check our RO system range.

This cartridge share lots of features as SHIELD ’80-325’ which we were not intended to mention again here. Read more of SHIELD 80-325 here:

Remove 99.99% Chlorine

Filter made by 100% coconut carbon doesn’t mean high quality. The processing technology is the key to everything. SHIELD carbon block filters made by sintering high purity HAYCARB powdered activated carbon and German made Celanese UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene). Filters offer 10 times the adsorption capacity than others, 99.99% chlorine removal, top quality in the world.  We are the only retailer offers chlorine tester along with the carbon related products. We guaranteed 200% refund of purchasing value for any chlorine detected.

Double O-Ring Heavy Duty Housing   

Shield water filter housing featured double rubber ring design and safe lock at fully tighten condition. Shield water filter housing surpasses the standard of 100,000 pressure cycles from 0-145 psi and hydrostatic pressure test of 300 psi. Burst pressure up to 540 psi, this result close to stainless steel material and capable of high intensity commercial use, beautifully crafted with textured material. 

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