PLATINUM Twin Undersink Water Filter System Nanosilver ANTIBACTERIAL Stainless Steel Tap - Shield Water Filter

PLATINUM Twin Undersink Water Filter System Nanosilver ANTIBACTERIAL Stainless Steel Tap

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Shield water filter housing featured double rubber ring design and safe lock at fully tighten condition. Shield water filter housing surpasses the 100,000 pressure cycles from 0-145 psiand hydrostatic pressure test of 300 psi. Burst pressure up to 540 psi, this result close to stainless steel material and capable of high intensity commercial use, beautifully crafted with textured material.

Shield quick connector, made connection as easy as ‘push & fit’; get rid of tubing tape and locking clip. Exclusive licensing of double rubber ring design ensure leak proof. Top quality.

Item Specifics

  • Type: Under Sink Filter Kit
  • Port: 1/4"
  • Filter: 0.5um
  • Min Temp: 4°C
  • Max Temp: 52°C
  • Size: 10'' x 2.5"
  • Max Pressure: 100PSI
  • Cartridge Life: Upto 12 Months
  • - 2 stages Water Filter System (stainless steel bracket)
  • - 1um Antibacterial Sediment Filter x 2
  • - 0.5um Coconut Carbon Block Filter x 2
  • - Stainless Steel Tap
  • - AU Standard Pressure Reducing Valve
  • - Pipes
  • - Spanner
  • - Accessorises(Connector, Ball valve,etc)
Stage 1 - 1um Nano Silver Antibacterial Sediment filter
Remove sediment, dirt, rust, algae, turbidity and other particulate contaminants.
Shield Sediment Filters are manufactured from pure 100% polypropylene fibers.The polypropylene construction provides superior chemical resistance and does not breed bacterial.
Stage 2 - 0.5um Coconut Carbon Block Filter
Remove sediment, particles, chemical, heavy metal and some colour extraction. Slightly taste achieved.
Shield Carbon Block Filters are manufactured using a powdered COCONUT activated carbon with a specially designed adsorbent media for chemical and reduce chlorine taste & odor and other contaminants. 0.5um carbon block cartridges help reduce sediment.
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