Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System RO 3000 LPD 800G Aquarium

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  • Reverse Osmoses Water Filter System
    (Include Pressure Gauge ,Pump And LED Monitor)
    ·Washable Sediment Filter        5um x 1
    ·Antibacterial Sediment Filter    1um x 1
    ·Coconut Carbon Block Filter 0.5um x 1
    ·400G Reverse Osmosis Membrane x 2
    ·Inline Coconut Carbon Filter             x 1
    ·Transformer(Australian Plug)
    ·Pressure Reduce Valve
    ·Ball Valve
    ·SUS304 Tap
    ·40L Tank (OPTIONAL)
    The system is complete and ready to use

Cartridges Life:

  • Washable Sediment Filter: Up to 6 months
    ·Antibacterial Sediment Filter : Up to 6 months
    ·Coconut Carbon Block Filter : Up to 6 months
    ·400G Reverse Osmosis Membrane : Up to 3 years
    ·Inline Coconut Carbon Filter : Up to 6 months

Operating Parameters:

Inlet Pressure:  20~120Psi    

Temperature: 4~40°C

Alloy frame, completely sealed IC board design, in favour of cleaning and maintenance. (Thers is potential safety hazard for exposure of IC board or wires.) Thanks for the semi-enclosed design, the noise of pressure releasing pump largely reduced.

Top Quality Cartridges  

SHIELD carbon block filters made by sintering high purity HAYCARB powdered activated carbon and German made Celanese UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene). Filters offer 10 times the adsorption capacity than others, 99.99% chlorine removal, top quality in the world.

Antibacterial Technology

Traditional sediment filters easy to breeding of germs while capturing particles, dirt and rust. Especially for those house water filter systems installed outdoor, expose to sunlight, it’s ideal condition for breeding of germs. SHIELD antibacterial sediment filters constructed by using multi-layers for antibacterial effects and superior depth filtration. Unique density design, loose outside and sturdy inside makes filter easy to grab sediment, hard to clog, 3 times the cartridge life than ordinary ones. SHIELD Nano silver Polypropylene (PP) Sediment Filters are coated with 500ppm Nano Silver Solution and constructed by using multi-layers for antibacterial effects and superior depth filtration. The graded density construction captures particles throughout the entire cross section of the cartridge and reduces surface binding.  Typically ideal for aggressive chemicals and general filtration requirements when depth filtration is required, such as reverse osmosis pre-treatment.  Each cartridge is individually shrink-wrapped. High quality sediment filter protect the whole system.

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